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Kindred Spirits: Inside the Investigation

Who's Responsible?
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Who Is Your Kindred Spirit?
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Making of Season 4


Exclusive: Watch the Making of 'Kindred Spirits' Season 4

Get a special look at the making of the all-new season of Kindred Spirits before it premieres in 2020.

Kindred Spirits Season 4 Highlights

Angry and Abandoned
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Kindred Spirits: Inside the Investigation 21 Videos

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About the Show

Fearless duo Amy Bruni and Adam Berry take on the most emotional and terrifying cases of their careers as they help real families tormented by the spirits of late relatives. Scared by the mysterious happenings, but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families turn to two of America's leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence and bring closure to each home.

Season 4, Episode 10


Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey answer the desperate call of a couple suffering from relentless paranormal attacks in their home. Even more discomforting, the wife fears a dark entity is possessing her husband, causing blackouts and fits of anger.

Sep 29
8am | 7c
Season 4, Episode 2

Silent Fear

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry help a family haunted by a demented shadow creature. A thrilling investigation with psychic medium Chip Coffey leads to a rare realization.

Sep 29
9am | 8c
Season 4, Episode 8

Etched in Evil

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate strange, mysterious symbols etched on the walls of an Indiana asylum. Psychic medium Chip Coffey joins the case to help them find out if the symbols are responsible for an uptick in paranormal activity on the property.

Sep 29
10am | 9c
Season 4, Episode 1

Nowhere to Run

Paranormal Investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry help a single mother left home alone with two frightened children after terrifying, full-bodied apparitions drove away her family. Psychic medium Chip Coffey must figure out who -- or what -- is to blame.

Sep 29
11am | 10c
Season 4, Episode 4

Dead Men Tell Tales

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry confront the murderous spirits lurking in the shadows of a Florida jail. They call on the help of psychic medium Chip Coffey, who channels an extremely dark vision from beyond the grave.

Sep 29
12pm | 11c
Season 4, Episode 9

Hell House

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, along with psychic medium Chip Coffey, investigate the infamous Harrisville Farmhouse. They call upon the entire Perron family -- the home's original victims -- to help expose the truth behind the horrific haunting.

Sep 29
1pm | 12c
Season 4, Episode 13

The Body Box

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey investigate an old hospital in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Once a beacon of hope, the abandoned building now hoards spirits of the dead, including a dog-like entity called the Creeper.

Sep 29
2pm | 1c
Season 6, Episode 1

The Undertaker's Secret

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate an old Masonic temple shrouded in mystery and local lore. Their hair-raising paranormal investigation with psychic medium Chip Coffey leads to the daunting realization that they may be investigating a cold case murder.

Sep 29
3pm | 2c
Season 6, Episode 3

Disorderly Conduct

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and psychic medium Chip Coffey investigate escalating paranormal problems at a home undergoing renovations. The entities within are fiercely protective of the property and lash out when the team attempts to communicate.

Sep 29
4pm | 3c
Season 6, Episode 5


Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey investigate a tiny house with a huge paranormal problem. The mother and daughter who own the home tell stories of a ghastly traveler with eternal ties and of another, much darker, spirit.

Sep 29
5pm | 4c
Season 7, Episode 1

Broken Spirits

Amy, Adam and Chip visit a Pennsylvania poor farm where rumors of torture tarnish an already dreadful history. The facility is now a cultural center, but intense paranormal activity terrifies employees and guests. Can the team rectify the horrors of the past and bring peace to this haunted place?

Sep 29
6pm | 5c

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